Michel is without a doupt the most influent artist of the Underground Dance scene in the Grand Duchy. 

Luxembourg-born Michel was bitten by the music bug in 1986 and quickly recognized that it would play an important role in his life.

He began to hone his skills as a Hip Hop DJ, scoring a Residency at German club Magic upon graduation from school in 1988. By the end of that year, however, Michel found himself being increasingly influenced by the New Wave scene, following bands such as Depeche Mode and New Order. He then moved to Paris where he was given the opportunity of a Residency at the legendary Mainstream Club Bain-Douche.

During this time Michel went on to produce his first single, “Want Ya Back”, followed a year later by his Mike MC & the lyrical force album in 89.

But Michel still saw himself as more a DJ than a producer, the ability to thrill audiences and manipulate them with any musical style being far more essential than long hours spent in the studio.

Michel's DJ sets are similarly spirited, he says. "I like to do a long, smooth mix, and then a radical one… It's important for me to try telling a story, so of course your technique is another way of doing that, along with the music itself. With time and with age, maybe, the tempo has decreased — I think I play a bit deeper now than five or six years ago. But I still love a good, bouncy track if it's not too aggressive, and if the energy serves the groove instead of breaking it." Slowing down also means stretching out. "I like to play long sets," he continues, "when you don't have to rush, and you can really forget yourself and build something different."

Michel returned to Luxembourg, with a Residency at the city’s number one night spot, Casablanca. His impeccable record choices and excellent mixing skills earned him the award for ‘Best DJ in the Grand Duchy’ in a 1995 Nightlife report. 

The following years were mainly spent working in collaboration with long-term friend Marino Berardi ( Room with a View ) in Luxembourg’s well-known Outland Records shop.

Michel has performed at numerous gigs and festivals across Europe: Music festival of Rennes (FR), Tribal Gathering (UK), Ruhr in Love (DE), Garden of Eden, E-Lake (LU), and in the Czech Republic. Barcelona and saw him playing gigs in Tel Aviv in Israel and starting a new Residency at The Elevator, Luxembourg’s premier Underground club.

In 1999, with the birth of his daughter, Michel decided to take a step back from his dance music activities, until 2005 when he began once again to produce his own music aka Orora on the Banshe Worx label.

2012 / 13

He’s setting up he’s own label PANACHE MUSIC. PANACHE MUSIC is an platform to support local Artist, new people and their projects and influences to spread them to the world. We are all spiritual people, free to live for our music...