Panaché Music || Teaser || Doorman / You Want it by Ronny Muller on Soundcloud ||

Doorman is fuelled by a deep and driving progressive beat andca mesmerizing bass line. Pulsing and building on melodic synth strings. Added to that is a deep tech sound and vocal, with the vocal giving a sly, tongue in check reminder of what we all have to put up with on a night at a great party, when maybe, we have over excessed.

You Want it is an energy fuelled relentless tech house groove track paying homage to Detroit and Chicago originators and influences, but with a modern technological update and sound. It makes you lose and twist your head inside out with its deep house and piano, fully packed and complimented with a multitude of layered tribal percussions.

A true piece of peak time club music!

Posted on January 15, 2014 .