Born in Luxembourg in 1977, D-Faust has always been into music. He started playing guitar at age 12, which naturally led him play music with some friends in bands. Later on, he discovered New Wave music through Depeche Mode, Front 242 & Nitzer EBB …

He discovered his passion for Electronic Music in 1993 at the best club ever for him, the “Casablanca” in Luxemburg (with its residents DJ’s Marino Berardi, Michel Van Tune (just to name a few).

Late 90’s, he began organizing private parties, where he started mixing for friends. In 2001, he organized parties with his cousin M@rio and his a.s.b.l D-Tech productions. D-Tech productions, main goal was to revival this musical culture in Luxembourg and South Belgium. At these parties, D-Faust began to meet national & international artists like DJ Pierre ( Fuse resident ), Stanny Franssen aka G-Force, Dave Davis among others. In 2002, he won a DJ contest that allowed him to mix at the Decadance Underground Club in Gent Belgium.

2003, D-Tech reputation starts to grow in Luxembourg & mostly in Southern Belgium who D-Faust mixed in numerous clubs as well in France and Germany, with a few gigs in Italy where he met several other knowing artists.

Lately, the love for electronic music pushed him one step further and he began to buy his first material ( Korg sampler, Roland MC303 …) and after years of training he started producing with some daws and software.

His first Album called Rebirth came out in February 2012 on Minds Records.

The second release was a remix of Dj Sonik’s track “Caliente” also on Minds Records.

His passion for electronic music is still growing strong & now he is building up his studio experience with producer & friend Michel Van Tune owner of the label Panaché Music.